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  • As fabric woven in a circular knitting machine, blankets are very soft and warm. As antistatic materials are used to prevent the creation of static electricity, static electricity can be prevented. Blankets are light and are not easily affected by moisture. As the mold can’t live, blankets are highly hygienic. As blankets don’t absorb much moisture, they are easily dried after washing, and it is easy to wash them. The elastic recovery percentage is good, so blankets don’t get wrinkled. As friction strength is good, blankets are highly durable. Moreover, blankets are very cheap.
  • 100% Polyester Polar fleece
Product Name Size(cm)
Space club(大) 180*220
Space club(中) 160*210
Space club(小) 135*180
Military blanket 152*223
Lap blanket 100*150
  • Green, Blue, Mustard, Pink, brown ( ※ Orders over 500 pieces of size, colors, etc. are available upon request )
  • Home blanket, bed pad, portable or automotive blanket, knee blanket and gifts for events or groups
Major Clients
  • The military (2001 - 2014), the Republic of Korea National Red Cross, Prisons in Daegu and Anyang, Hospitals(Baptist Hospital, Joonganag Hospital, etc.), City Hall in Seoul, Daegu and Busan, Seoraksan National park and other groups